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Adding the MIME Type

To add the MIME type for the manifest file to your server, you will have to go and modify the .htaccess file yourself.

This specific implementation is for Apache servers.  Somewhere in the .htaccess file, add the following line

#MIME type for manifest file
AddType text/cache-manifest .manifest

and you should be good to go.  Whatever type server you are using, the manifest file needs to be served as a text/cache-manifest in order for it to work.  This will help your server recognize the .manifest file extension.  If any of you use GoDaddy hosting, click here for the way to add the manifest MIME type to your shared hosting server, as I ran into the problem myself the other day.

Click on to learn how to create the manifest file itself.  Next ->


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  1. Great article, thank you again for wriitng.

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